ShiningSun GardenWorks started off as a small cottage industry in 2006 and grown to supply over 400 stores with Fun, Funky and sometimes functional metal art! We always like to support our retailers, so we encourage you to use our store locator link to help you find the closest store to you.

Presently, ShiningSun GardenWorks consists of 3 industrious women who don’t mind the thought of getting dirty! All of our pieces are hand designed, welded if necessary and grinded to create a finished edge.

We use 2 types of plasma cutters; a CNC plasma cutter that cuts replicas of our hand drawn designs, and a hand held plasma cutter that we use to cut all of our Signature Line pieces, as well as various accents that get welded on to other art.

We do corporate and personal custom work. Send us your vision and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Sandy Morris

sandy morris shining sun metal artHead designer and welder, Sandy Morris leads a small group of female grinders, welders and plasma cutters. Sandy stumbled upon her love for working with metal in the spring of 2008. She affectionately refers for her initial experimentation with metal, and decision to make it her career, as her “mid-life crisis”! She now enjoys working with a fabulous group of creative women; being more available for her 2 children, and allowing her husband to take over the kitchen!

Alex Middleton

alex middleton shining sun garden works

Alex Middleton has been working for ShiningSun for 4 years. She has had her hand in everything from grinding and welding in the shop, to selling our work at various wholesale shows gift shows. Alex has perfected her skill with the hand held plasma cutter and now does that exclusively. Not one who likes to sit idle, Alex is also a Massage Therapist and mother of 4 busy children!

Brenda Green

ShiningSun’s newest apprentice is Brenda Green. Brenda is also incredibly multi-talented….. She is one of 8 registered Ashiatu Massage Therapist in Canada, as well as a Yoga Instructor. Brenda is new to Vancouver Island and we are thrilled to have her on our team!